Suzuki Samanabad Motors started its journey  in 2015 in Samanabad Lahore. By the grace of Allah Suzuki Samanabad Motors is state of the art building with 7S facility.

The dealership is operated under the leadership of Mr. Sheikh Naeem Ahmed Cheif Executive Officer of Suzuki Samanabad Motors, a cisionary entrepreneur actively involved in the development and promotion of the dealership .Suzuki Samanabad Motors is proud to have its 2G, Mr.Sheikh Faisal Naeem and Mr.Aamir Ahmed an experienced and dynamic entrepreneur actively involved in the operation of the dealership for sales and after sales.

Suzuki Samanabad Motors believes in providing excellent customer services with latest equipment in workshop and Pak Suzuki Certified workforce. Suzuki Samanabad  Motors currently has around 65 employees that has form a Samanabad Motors Family who follow the corporate values of Suzuki Samanabad Motors and are well taken care of.

Suzuki Samanabad Motors has been awarded as Gold Catogory Authorized Dealer of Pak Suzuki Motor Co and also for its customer services, high performance in sales, after sales and spare parts, recently, Suzuki Samanabad Motors has been awarded as best seller and performer in Certified Used Car by Pak Suzuki Motor Co.

Suzuki Samanabad Motors strives to maintain high quality services for its esteemed customers and continue to be you first choice for Suzuki products!

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