Key Features

110 CC Air Cooled Engine

The good quality of the material used in the coverings of the seats gives you a comfortable riding experience. The strong, 4-stroke engine of 110 CC will not only render it extra power, but also provide long term durability and smooth ride. The efficiency of the engine is enhanced by the air cooled single cylinder.

The multi-function instrumentation

displays a variety of information. In the centre, there is large analogue tachometer with convenient digital gear position indicator. It’s flanked by a digital LCD speedometer, odometer, twin trip meter, clock and fuel gauge readouts, maintenance interval indicator and adjustable rpm indicator on the right, plus LED indicators on the left.

Fuel Injection system

electronically controls the fuel volume and the injection timing to the optimum values according to the riding condition, based on information from various sensors, in order to improve fuel economy and reduce emission. This also contributes to improved idling stability and almost linear throttle response, and makes for stable performance.

Single Backbone

The INAZUMA’s semi double-cradle chassis is designed to provide ample support for a variety of riding styles, while humbly securing this naked bike’s more visible and prominent features.

Extra Power & Fuel Economy:
  • With a highly powerful and enhanced 4-stroke engine, it is ideal for the people who are searching for the bike with maximum engine performance and minimum fuel consumption. This is what everyone direly needs in the present scenario of rapidly rising inflation and shrinking economy. If you buy a cheaper bike, the undue fuel expenditure will make you unable to ride on it daily while going on work, and you will definitely have to look for a better and a bit costlier vehicle. In this way, after wasting a lot of your hard earned money, you will be on the same point where you were many years ago. The maximum capacity and improved millage of Suzuki Sprinter Eco enable the bikers cover extra long distances, like the whole city, in just 1 liter of petrol.
  • Semi double-cradle chassis is designed to provide ample support for a variety of riding styles, while humbly securing this bike’s more visible and prominent features.
Reliable & Competitive
  • People often need a motorcycle for long journeys and if it falls short of the expectations, they have to suffer from a huge economic loss and intense frustration. So the first decision must be made with utmost care. Being a long awaited and a dream bike for many individuals, the Suzuki Sprinter Eco is not only reliable, but also highly competitive product in the auto market. The memorable and luxurious driving experience for the rider is owed to its superior quality and powerful build up. The rider will definitely have reliable means of transportation for fairly long distances.
Safety and Comfort
  • The improved suspension system imparts smoothness to two-wheeler while the drum brakes provide ease and safety on the road. While designing the seats of Suzuki Sprinter Eco, the comfort of the biker is given first priority. The large grab bar is yet another measure to ensure a safe ride on the dangerous roads with a series of rough patches ahead.
Increased Fuel Capacity
  • Going to the filling station every now and then is a troubling task for the staunch bike lovers. Keeping in view the same issue, the new version of motorbike comes with the enhanced fuel capacity of up to 10.5 liters that keeps the vehicle going for hundreds of kilometers without any need of refilling it again.
Environment Friendly Bike
  • As the very name suggests, it is an environment friendly product as it causes less pollution which is one of the prime concerns for the post modern generation of humans. Due to the alarming levels of air pollution, the global authorities have joined their heads to come up with a perfect solution for this very troubling issue.
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